Main parameters of round
Caliber (mm): 120
Projectile type: HE-T
Weight, (kg): 26,7
Length, (mm): 943
Main propellant charge type: 19 Perf Hex JA-2
Type of propellant charge: combustible case
Weight of main propellant charge, (kg): 7,9
Primer: Electric(K611)

Main parameters of projectile
Weight, (kg): 16
Weight of explosive charge, (kg): 3.2
Fuze: Point detonating and delay
Tracer burning distance, (m): ≥4 000
Target accuracy Typical at 2000 m: ≤ 0,30 mils
Average muzzle velocity (m/s): 1 030
Max. pressure (Pa): 4 966

Each round: in a single container
Container name: PA 171 Pack
Gross weight, (kg): 34
Operational temperature range (° C): – 40 ÷ 60
Shelf life (if stored in standard packing of the producer in storehouse conditions), years: 10
Class of explosion hazard: UN 0414, 1.2С
Suitable weapons: 120 mm M1A1 and M1A2 Abrams tanks

Note: The manufacturer can change the packing

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