Main parameters of rocket projectile
Caliber (mm): 122
Warhead charge type: HE/FRAG
Range of fire, (m): 20 127
Weight, (kg) : 66.18

Total number of fragments, 0.5 gand more in weight, ( pc.): 3 950

Fuze parameters
Type: MRV-U
Basic characteristics: Mechanical, nose, PD with selectable SQ or delayed action
Max. velocity (m/s): 690

Probable effective area
Against manpower, (m2): 708
Against armored materiel (m2): 225
Operating temperature range of combat employment (0C): -50..+60

Type: Wooden box
Quantity of each wooden box: 1
Dimension, (mm): 2 807 x 280 x 230
Volume, (m3): 0.181
Gross weight, (kg): 100
Suitable weapons: 122 mm MLRS “Grad”

Note: The manufacturer can change the packing

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