Main parameters of round
Caliber (mm): 122
Projectile type: S 122 R
Charge type: Reduced Variable
Weight of complete round (kg): 29.5
Length of complete round (mm): 1 019
Weight of reduced charge (kg): 2.54
Max. range of fire (m): 12 870

Main parameters of projectile
Length (with/without fuze) (mm): 572/500
Weight (with/without fuze) (kg): 22.16/21.76
Charge type: TNT
Weight of bursting charge (kg): 0.120
Smoke composition type: Tetryl
Weight of smoke composition (kg): 0.040
Type of body materiel: Steel
Type of driving band: Copper
Fuze parameters Type: RGM-2, V-90
Basic characteristics: mechanical, nose, PD with selectable SQ or delayed action

Type: KV-U
Average muzzle velocity (m/s): 565
Max. pressure (Pa): 2 500.105

Type: Wooden Box
Quantity of each wooden box: 2 rounds
Dimension (mm): 1 190 x 420 x 250
Volume (m3): 0.125
Gross weight (kg): 80
Operational temperature range (° C): – 40 ÷ 60
Loading: Separate
Shelf life (if stored in standard packing of the producer in storehouse conditions), years: 10
Suitable weapons: 122 mm howitzers D-30 and 2S1

Note: The manufacturer can change the packing


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