Caliber (mm): 14.5 x 114
Bullet type: API
Length of cartridge, (mm): 156
Weight of cartridge, (g): 192
Weight of bullet, (g): 64
Length of cartridge case, (mm): 114
Material of cartridge case: Steel (or substitute)
Primer type: Berdan
Bullet: Bullet jacket – FMJ, Hardened steel core, Bullet incendiary composition – Thermit, Propelling charge type, Single base type 5/7NA or NC 261
Max average bullet velocity, V25, (m/s): 1 000
Max. average chamber pressure of powder charges, (MPa): Max. 330
Accuracy Rs, (cm): Max 20 cm at 300 m
Amour penetration at 500 m of RHA at 90°, (mm): 32
Operational temperature range, ( °C): from minus 50 to 60
Shelf life (if stored in standard packing of the producer in storehouse conditions), years: 20

1 (one) metal sealed (airtight) box: 40 cartridges
105 metal boxes: 1 (one) wooden pallet
Totally: 4 160 rds per pallet
Pallet dimensions, (mm): 1 120 x 885 x 850
Gross weight, (kg): 897
Class of explosion hazard: UN 0012, 1.4S

Note: The manufacturer can change the packing


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