155 mm M3A1 propelling charge, zones 1 to 5. To be used in M114, M109, M198, FH70, FH77, etc. Howitzers. It is compound by single base powder GSB 124 (M1 reference), uniperforated. One base cloth bag and four different cloth bags to provide five firing zones. It has an initiation charge type CBI and a flame reducer on bags 1, 4

Main technical parameters
Caliber (mm): 155
Projectile type: M 107 zone 5
Propelling charge type: M3A1 (green bag)

Main ballistic parameters
Max. firing range, (m): 9 700
Muzzle velocity, (m/s): Max. 375
Max. pressure, (bar): Max. 2 207
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Main technical parameters
Weight, (kg): 2 480
Length (mm): 406.4
Diameter: 127
Powder type: GSB 124 uniperforated
Primer: M82 P2 (or substitute)
Operating temperature: From – 53 to +63 °C
Packing of propelling charge: Type (In a metal/plastic container M14A1) (or substitute) a charge and a primer (two charges in a container)
Quantity on a palette: 30 containers
Dimensions, (mm): 1 300 x 1 300 x 1 300
Volume, (m3): 2.2
Weight, (kg): 470


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