Main technical parameters of round
Caliber (mm): 155
Projectile type: SMOKE
Propelling charge type: M3A1,M4A2 or M119A2

Main ballistic parameters
Max. firing range, (m): 18 400
Muzzle velocity, (m/s): Max. 690
Max. pressure, (bar): Max. 2 207
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Main technical parameters of projectile
Weight, (kg): Approx. 43
Length with fuze, (mm): Approx. 679
Weight of bursting charge, (kg): 6.72
Operating temperature: From – 52 to +60 °C

Completing units
Fuze, PD, SQ, Delay/0.5 s: M557 (or substitute)
Primer: M82 P2 (or substitute)

Packing of projectile
Type: Palette
Quantity of each palette: 8 projectiles
Dimensions, (mm): 689 x 346 x 800
Volume, (m3): 0.22
Weight, (kg): 362

Packing of propelling charge
Type (In a metal/plastic container) (or substitute): a charge and a primer
(two charges in a container)
Quantity on a palette: 30 containers
Dimensions, (mm): 1 300 x 1 300 x 1 300
Volume, (m3): 2.2
Weight, (kg): 470

Packing of fuze
Type (in a metal box): 8 fuzes
Quantity on a palette: 80 metal boxes
Dimensions, (mm): 1 222 x 800 x 895.5
Volume, (m3): 0.875
Weight, (kg): 910
Suitable weapons: 155 mm Towed howitzer M198 and SP M109 A3/A4/A5


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