This Optical Sight is intended for equipping small arms with associated ballistics: Kalashnikov AK-47 and AK-100 assault rifles for 5.45×39 mm cartridge, as well as weapons using 7.62×54 cartridges, as well as unified machine guns PKM, PKP. It has a unique optical scheme with an extremely large field of view of 12 degrees with a 4x magnification. The ballistic reticle allows to realize the full range of the maximum range up to 1500 meters every 100m.

Technical characteristics:

Visible magnification: 4x
Angular field of view: 11°
Exit pupil diameter: 4.2 mm
Diopter setting range of the ocular: from -0.5 to -1 dptr.
Eye relief: 42 mm
Elevation and azimuth adjustment range: not less than ±1°
Power source: 1 x AA-type battery (1,5V)
Overall dimensions: 210x60x65 mm
Mounting place of the sight on a weapon: Picatinny rail MIL-STD1913 type
Weight of the sight: not more than 0.4 kg
Operating temperature range: from minus 40 to plus 55 C°
Battery-low indication: +


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