The 5.45 mm AK-74U is a highly effective automatic weapon designed for the antipersonnel role at a range
of 500 m. The system automation operates on propellant gases driven through a vent in the barrel.
A folding metal butt and shortened barrel are fitted to the rifle meeting the standards of a
basic individual weapon of assault and special task groups. Single and multiple targets can be destroyed by
firing bursts at a range of 250 m. Skilled shooters hit targets in the single-shot mode up to 350 m. The
bullet retains its killing effect over a range of 1100 m. The weapon fires 5.45 mm ball cartridges (5.45 x 39


Calibre, mm 5.45
Muzzle velocity of ball bullet, m/s 735
Rate of fire (cyclic), rds/min 650 ÷ 700
Rate of fire at:single shot, rds/min

bursts, rds/min

Sighting range, m 500
Magazine capacity, rounds 30
Length butt folded, mm 490
Length butt extended, mm 730
Weight with magazine and accessories, kg 2.700
Weight with magazine loaded, kg 3.000
Weight of magazine empty, kg 0.215
Weight of magazine loaded, kg 0.536
Cartridge weight with ball bullet, g 10.2
Bullet weight, g 3.4
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