The mortar is a powerful fire weapon designed for small units and intended for destruction of manpower and fire weapons located in open shelters or behind barriers. The mortar ensures effective fire delivery. It is a reliable infantry armament and is successfully used in guerrilla operations. It is portable and easily deployed in difficult areas.

The mortar is equipped with a MUM telescopic sight ensuring aiming in both horizontal and vertical plains. Special lighting is provided for night vision and similar conditions.

Caliber, mm 82
Maximum range of fire, m 4100
Minimum range of fire, m 80
Rate of fire, shots/min 45 – 85
Angles of elevation, degrees
Angles of traversing, degrees
– without removing of bipod
– with removing of bipod
± 3
± 15
Weight of the mortar bomb, kg 3.1
Weight of the bursting charge, kg 7.2 x 10-3
Weight of mortar in a combat position, kg 41.9
Bursting radius, m
– on lying targets
– on standing targets
Crew, persons 4
Flawless operation, degree up to +500
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