We can supply and deliver 9K113 Konkurs for military and army use in large quantity all categories: Factory New, New Surplus and Used Surplus.

Basic specifications
Range m day/night 75-4,000/75-3,500
9M113M armour penetration mm 750-800
ERA penetration provided
Missile calibre, mm 135
Weight, kg: 9M113M missile in TLC 26.5
launcher 22
thermal sight 11
Operating temperature range, oC ±50

Your 9K113 method that will fire your 9M113 Konkurs missile that is equipped with the entire 9N131 WARMTH warhead for just a transmission of 750 for you to 800mm RHA. Your enhanced 9M113M Konkurs-M. Your improvement is really a standoff probe having extra demand pertaining to penetrating TIME; otherwise the amount transmission is always related. Your 9M113 has the NATO status AT-5A Spandrel some sort of plus the 9M113M is referred to as your AT-5B Spandrel N. Your 9M113M missile has a conjunction warhead having an lengthy nose probe for you to defeat mind-blowing reactive armor before the primary warhead initiates for you to enter 750 for you to 800mm of primary armor. Missile has a semi-automatic handle method having demand tranny by wires. Missiles usually are supplied with made canisters located for your launcher. Your Konkurs has an optimum array of 4, 000 yards plus a bare minimum array of 100 yards. Your functioning heat array is usually through –50°C for you to +50°C.

Your 9P135 may be the tripod launcher from the 9K113 method. The initial 9P135 can easily just fire your 9M111 Fagot missile. You’re in the future 9P135M, M1, M2 and also M3 are used having the two 9M113 Konkurs and also 9M111 Fagot missiles. Any time in combination with your 9M113 missile additional click-on evening imaginative and prescient vision optics tend to be frequent when compared with all the 9M111. Your launcher can even be pintle installed on armored automobiles.


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