The Antisniper – Optical Detection System has a built-in angular sensor and magnet compass which allows to have full information (including distance) about potentially dangerous object (sniper, observation device, artillery coordinator). This observation device is designed for:

  • Conduct 24/7 surveillance in all weather conditions;
  • Search for low contrast purposes;
  • Observation in the event of counter optical illumination;
  • Search and detection of oncoming optical observation and sighting;
  • Separation of the observed objects according to the range of criteria and the reflected IR contrast;
  • Viewing rooms and vehicles with tinted or glare windows;
  • Determination of the rage to the observed object

Technical characteristics of the system:

I I T Generation:           2+

Magnification:  5x

Wavelength range,μm:

-Passive mode: 720….860

-Active-pulse mode: 850+/-20

Range of vision with additional illumination:     30-2000 m

Steps of illumination strobe:      10, 20, 50m 100, 200, 500m

Diopter alignment range:           -4…+4 dptr.

Average power of the laser illuminator, W:        0.25

Battery: A123 lithium-ion battery, voltage

Weight, kg:       3.4

Overall dimensions:      320x180x85mm

Power consumption:     4W


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