Shape: PASGT
Material: Aramid, Kevlar
Covering/Finishing: Polyurethane paint
Color: Black, Olive Green, Desert Tan, Blue or Custom
Suspension Liner System: Crown Mesh or Foam Pads (7pcs)

Retention System – Chinstrap: Standard H-back 4 points attachment; Quick Release buckle; Material – Polyamide with leather chin cup;

Accessories: Cordura cover with various fabric colors and patterns
Protection levels: II = 9x19mm FMJ & .357 Magnum JSP
NIJ 0106.01 / NIJ 0108.01: IIIA Special = 9x19mm FMJ, .44 Magnum SWC, 7.62×25 TT FSJ
Fragmentation resistance: Level II minimal = 625 m/s
STANAG 2920 / V50: Level IIIA minimal = 700 m/s
Weight (grams): S = 1200/1300
Level II / Level IIIA: M = 1300/1400; L = 1400/1500′; XL = 1500/1600


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