For anti-personnel employment in close combat operations effective with pre-formed fragments.

Grenade type Defensive
Function Fragmentation
Explosive charge TNT
Weight of explosive charge, g 60
Grenade weight complete with igniter set, g 600
Time delay igniter set UZRGM
Delay, s 3.2 ÷ 4.2
Throwing distance, m 35 ÷ 45
Killing effect by Fragments
Effective radius, m 20
Lethal area, m x m 172. 7
Operation temperature range, 0C minus 50 ÷ 50
20 grenades and 2 sealed metal containers of 10 igniter sets each held together in a wooden box.
Size of wooden box, mm 480 x 290 x 160
Volume, m³ 0.0222
Gross weight, kg 20
Storage life, years 15
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