Caliber, (kg): 500
Type of bomb: HE
Length of bomb, (mm): 2 416
Weight of bomb without fuze, (kg): 497 ± 23
Body diameter, (mm): Ø 400
Tail fin span, (mm): 511
Distance between front section and the center of gravity, (mm): 780
Characteristic time, (s): 20,38/12, 20,44/22
Suspension system: Double/ 250 mm/14”
Type of explosive charge: TGAF-5M
Weight of explosive charge, (kg): 207
Coefficient of filling, ( % ): 42
Effective radius, (m)
– Personnel and non-armored equipment: Up to 140
– Light-armored equipment: Up to 60
Height of bomb dropping, (m): 570…12 000
Fuze type: AVU-ETM
Shelf life (if stored in standard packing of the producer in storehouse conditions), years: 25

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