The LARTOS system is used for identifying targets and objects, determining the distance to them and also their angular coordinates regarding the product itself or a particular outboard point (position) whose coordinates have been preliminarily entered/set into the system.

Composition, general functional description and technical characteristics of the system:

The LARTOS system includes several different functional modules (goniometer. laser distance gauge, GPS, magnetic compass), ensuring the execution of the operational assignments of the artillery instrumental surveillance (determining the azimuth, the angle of elevation. the distance from the product   to the target and the distance from the outboard position to the target) .The LARTOS system shall maintain a database with the coordinates of both targets and objects. This database shall be energy independent, i.e. when switching off the power supply, the data shall not be lost. The LARTOS product shall have a standard serial interface for exporting data to external devices and systems. The LARTOS product shall allow the laser distance gauge to be used separately from the LARTOS product as a distance gauge and binoculars. The system also includes a tripod. a power unit. cables and softwareThe system shall be easy to deploy, shall have a clear and intuitive software interface. The entire product as a set shall have factory packaging allowing the product to be transported by machines.


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