Type of Fuze: Universal with electrical and mechanical trigger
Weight of fuze, (kg): 2
Weight of explosive charge, (kg): 0.080
Total fuze length, (mm): 210
Length of the thread part of the fuze, (mm): 30
Diameter of thread part of the fuze, (mm): 52
Activating time after setting, (sec): Setting M – immediate
Setting M3 – 0.01…0.04
Setting C3 – 0.06…0.09
Setting Assault – 10…14.5
Setting of delay-arming time, (sec): Setting Assault – 1.4…2.4
Setting П – 3.5…5.5
Setting М, М3 оr C3 – 10…13.5
Arming time, (sec): 1.4…13.5
Operational temperature range, ( °C): from minus 60 to + 150
Shelf life, years: 12.5

4 pcs Fuzes packed in hermetically sealed metal box
4 metal boxes packed in a wooden case
Case dimensions, (mm): 658x598x191
Volume, (m³): 0.075
Gross weight, (kg): 51.85
Class hazard: UN 0409, 1.2D

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