Designed for aiming a man-portable grenade launcher RPG-7 and its modifications, during direct fire under low visibility conditions (in dusk or night). The night attachment is fixed to the sight by a guide strip. The optical chart of the night attachment ocular is optimized for working together with both MGO-7VMU and human eye, so that the night attachment can be used itself for observation the battlefield.

Magnification: 2.7 x
Field of View: 130
Resolution: 28“
Exit pupil distance: 27 mm
Exit pupil diameter: 4.5 mm
Temperature ranges operation: : from -50°С to +60°С
Weight: 0.6 kg
Dimensions: 140x180x62 mm
Power supply sources: Battery CR 1/3N 3V

Magnification: 1 x
F-number: 1.2 f/#
Focal length: 50 mm
Adjustment range of the focal: 1 m to infinity
Field of View: ≥ 19.850
Resolution with IIT 18 mm XD-4: ≥ 58 Lp/mm
Resolution with IIT 18 mm XR5: ≥ 62 lp/mm
Diopter adjustment of the ocular: -2 to +2
Eye relief: 24 mm
Length / Width / Height: 180x55x74 mm
Weight without battery: 570 g
Power supply: 1x battery size AA
Temperature ranges operation: : from -50°С to +60°С
Dimensions: 205x55x74 mm

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