RGD-5 is intended for destruction of manpower upon launching of an attack.

This grenade is completed with unified detonator UZRGM, which ensures its burst within 3.2 – 4.2 sec.

Grenade type Offensive
Time delay igniter set UZRGM
Delay (s) 3.2 ÷ 4.2
Throwing distance, m 40 ÷ 50
Killing effect by Fragments
Effective radius, m 25
Lethal area, m² 42.8
Height of safety falling (with detonating mechanism), m 3
Safe in any kind of transportation
Temperature range, degrees minus 50 ÷ 50
Term of storage, years
in storehouses
in field premises
Weight of grenade, kg 0.270
Length, mm 72.8
Diameter, mm 56.8
Explosive, kg (TNT) 0.110
20 grenades in 2 metal boxes with the detonating mechanisms are packed in one wooden case.
Case dimensions, mm 490 x 312 x 158
Volume of the case, m³ 0.024
Gross weight of the case, kg 14
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