The purpose of the jammer is to ensure protection from radio-controlled bombs.

ARCON V-100 is used for electronic Jamming of explosive devices control channels to protect troops on the move (either during a patrol, or during an individual solider movement), personnel during its presence in the places with increased probability of controlled IED deployment.
Mobile Jamming covers 20-2500 MHz with from 90 to 250 Watts power output, and it can be customized upon customer’s request.

Special Operations Law enforcement VVIP protection
VIP vehicles
EOD team

Frequency band, MHz: From 20 to 2500 MHz
Frequency subbands: From 3 to 5
Jamming signal: Digital – PLL or DDS
Jamming method: FRS or HOPPING noise
Output power: 90 – 250W
Power source: Integrated or External 24 VDC / 220 VAC

Operating time: 240 min / Int. source, 90W output power Unlimited / Ext. source
250W Output power

Protection distance: 150m
Weight: 15kg
Dimensions: 120x350x540 mm


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