The Night Vision Googles for Helicopter Pilots are designed for the night flight at the lowest light levels. Their usage does not require any modernization of the helicopter’s cockpit. Also, the goggles comply with different types of helmets.

Technical characteristics:
Objective lens focal range/ luminosity: F26/1.0/50cm +∞
Optical magnification: 1
Max. resolution, pc/mm: 65
Angular F.O.V.: 39°
Interpupillary distance, mm: 53-77
Type of interpupillary regulation: Independent
Exit pupil diameter of ocular, mm: 14
Eye relief, mm: 25
Diopter adjustment range, dptr.: +2…..-4
Spectral range, nm: 600….900
Power supply, V: 2,2……3,6
Detection range, m light conditions=2×10-3 LUX:
• Power lines 750m
• Communication line pole 380m
• Border of woodlands 680m
• Single tree 420m
Autonomous power supply (type of batteries): 2xAA
Power from external source, V: 27
Continuous operation time with single kit of AA elements, hours: 8
Overall dimensions, mm: 140x135x165
Weight, kg (with bracket, without batteries, connecting plank and cable), kg: 0.85


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