Caliber, (kg): 100
Bomb type: Thermobaric
Length of bomb, (mm): 1 055
Weight of bomb without fuze, kg): 110
Body Diameter, (mm): Ø 273
Tail fin span, (mm): 345
Characteristic time of dropping, (s): 21,10/6
Distance between front section and the center of gravity, (mm): 350
Suspension system: Single
Type of explosive charge: Thermobaric suspension
Weight of explosive charge, (kg): 45
TNT Equivalent, (kg): ≥ 95
Coefficient of filling, ( % ): 41
Effective radius of shock wave, (m): 30
Height of bomb dropping, (m): 500…15 000
Shelf life (if stored in standard packing of the producer in storehouse conditions), years: 25

1 bomb: 1 (one) wooden case for transportation
Totally: 1 bomb in 1 (one) wooden case

Wooden case dimensions:
Overall: Length x diameter, (mm): 1 260 х Ø520
Gross weight, (kg): 160
Case volume, (m3): 0.28
Class of explosion hazard for bomb: UN 0035, 1.2D
16 Fuzes in a wooden case
Case dimensions, (mm): 660 x 590 x 180
Gross weight, (kg): 52
Volume, (m³): 0.07
Class of explosion hazard for fuze: UN 0409, 1.2D

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