The Portable radiofrequency jamming device ARCON-200DN (suitcase) provides individual protection against DRONES that are remotely guided by GPS and

The jamming device emits interfering waves that prevent the receiving unit of the DRONE from receiving commands, thus, totally disabling the control over the aircraft.

ARCON-200DN is a modular type of device that is cased in a professional suitcase. It is composed of two transmitter modules. The first module is broadband Wi-Fi, while the second one targets to interfere with the reception of the GPS. Each module functions with a separate transmitting antenna.

ARCON-200DN is fully operational both when stationary and in movement. It is equipped with systems for automatic protection and indication. The automatic protection system prevents the device from malfunction, while the indication system shows its current status, including the transmission of the antennas.

Frequency ranges, MHz: GPS: 1575 +/-2; Wi-Fi: 2400-2500
Total output power, W: > 40
Antennas: Inbuilt
Interferences: Barring; Fast Random Scan
Battery: Rechargeable Li battery, 12 V

Charging device, 24V, that charges the battery simultaneously: External

External power supply (option) that charges the battery simultaneously: Onboard network (DC): from 11 V to 15 V;

Operational time, min: From own battery: ≥ 60 ; From external power supply: without time limit

Operational temperature range, °С: from -30 to +60
Weight, kg: ≤ 16
Wired remote control: Included
Protection distance, m: ≥ 700


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