Purpose and use of the Unit
The radio interference station ARCON – V 400 is intended to protect against explosive devices activated by radio frequency.

The RJS is designed to protect individual and group moving objects (convoys), groups of people and / or other possible targets including demining teams from radio controlled explosive devices, in an area limited by the Unit’s range and surroundings.

The station is used alone (in place) or moving (in escort). In order to provide protection to a larger area, several units can be used simultaneously.
The station has a structure that can adapt to different operational requirements and allows for future upgrades.

The manufacturer reserves the right to introduce changes in design, technical parameters and fittings which do not affect the operational parameters of the unit.

Frequency Range: 2 MHz ÷ 6000 MHz
Frequency Sub-Ranges(Transmitters Modules), pcs.: ≥ 42 (described in table 1.2.)

Jammed signal types: wireless bombing – all types; radio networks HF/VHF/UHF; wireless phones for long distances: HF,VHF, UHF; Walky-Talky; RFID; CDMA-450; GSM 900; Satellite; GSM 1800; 3G; WLAN; UMTS;WCDMA; GPS; Bluetooth; MMDS, interphones; DECT systems.

Total Output Power, W: > 2560

Type of Interferences (PATENT BG reg. № 108778 / 29.06.2004): Fast Random Scanning (FRS)

Mode of interferences: Barrage with full coverage to the frequency range (2-6000 MHz)

Power supply:
Power supply, 48V / DC: from 40V to 56V
Total consumed Power, W: ≤ 25 000
For functioning of the station (jamming): ≤ 15 000
For charging emergency batteries: ≤ 10 000

Operation time: Unlimited
Working Temperature, °С: From -30 to +55
Weight, kg (including antennas ): ≤ 5180
Dimensions (LxWxH), mm <6980x2440x3600

Controls: From Modules; From Central Control Unit in the two Corpus; From Remote Control Unit Jammers(from the Cabin).

Switches: Every single module “ON / OFF”, All modules “ON / OFF”

Indications: Availability of Normal Power Supply; “ON / OFF” (“Transmission”/ ”Stand-by”); Switching to the Remote Control Unit Jammers.

Inputs and Outputs: For On-board DC Power Supply; For Remote Control;
To the Antennas.

Antennas, pcs.: 42 arranged on the vehicle for non-interference with each other

Protection for the Operating Personnel, standards: STANAG-2345; SAR


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