The Thermal Vision Attachment is designed for the land orientation and navigation during day and at night in low visibility conditions (dust, smoke and fog), as well as for aiming in combination with GS-2R Fire Control Sight for RPG-29, SPG-9 Grenade Launchers.

Technical characteristics:

Sensor type: Uncooled microbolometer (384×288)
Pixel size: 17 mkm
Spectral range: 8….14 mkm
The temperature difference equivalent noise (NETD): 50 mk
Optical magnification: 1x
Digital magnification: 1x, 2x
Focal distance of the lens: 25mm/ 40mm
Display type: OLED 800×600
Overall dimensions: 190x75x75 mm
Weight, not more than: 0.70 kg
Rated voltage: 3.7 V
Operating temperature range: From -20 to +50°C


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